Natural History Exhibits
Connecting visitors to nature to develop empathy and awareness of the natural world.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a beautiful natural park in the midst of densely populated St. Petersburg, FL.  MAM Exhibit Design has partnered with park staff over several budget cycles to upgrade exhibits.

Location: Boyd Hill Nature Preserve; St. Petersburg, FL

Live Animal Viewing Area

Staff wanted to corral the various terrariums into a single space.  We designed homes for their creatures, complete with lots of storage for critter supplies.  Photos of animals found at the park were printed and applied to a large wall.  They were organized by nocturnal to diurnal and aerial to subterranean dwellers.


Nature center staff wanted to educate visitors on ways to be good stewards of the large lake it surrounds.   Opening a flip door with an image of a watershed pollution source reveals text explaining it is harmful for the lake.  It’s augmented with audio and video on a large monitor.

 Build Your Own Watershed

This interactive sandbox shows allows visitors to build their own watershed and then make it ‘rain’ to see how water flows naturally.   It is on wheels to allow staff to move it into a classroom.

Mr. Alligator

A 12’ articulated alligator skeleton needed better interpretive information.  In addition to researching, writing, and finding a swatch of alligator skin to touch, MAM Exhibit Design recycled plywood panels used by another museum for the reading rail structure.

Boyd Hill

Live Animal Viewing Area: Overall view of the Live Animal Viewing Area.

Boyd Hill

Live Animal Viewing Area: Boyd Hill critters are on multiple levels for viewing by young and old alike.

Boyd Hill

Live Animal Viewing Area: Photos taken on the nature center property has animals arranged by where you see them – ground to sky and when you see them day to night.

Boyd Hill

Watershed: Lifting each door begins an animation and audio loop.

Boyd Hill

Watershed: Watershed wall’s large monitor is animated to show the flow of water into the lake.

Boyd Hill

Build Your Own Watershed: The camera and projector are programmed to respond to the piled up sand heights, projecting color and motion.

Boyd Hill

Mr. Alligator: Placed a naturalistic mural behind the skeleton for contrast.

Boyd Hill

Mr. Alligator: Detail of the osteoderm and skin touch display.