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This traveling exhibit examines the impact Napoleon and his ministers made on the visual world.  Napoleon employed artists, writers, textile and decorative arts masters to craft a renaissance of French design and artistry.  The exhibit includes busts of Napoleon in terra cotta, marble, bronze and gilded bronze.  Examples of decorative arts include chairs from his first wife, Josephine’s home, wood boxes made by Biennais, and magnificent bronze urns commemorating his second marriage and son’s birth.

235 artifacts plus exhibit cases and exhibitry in 6000 sf

Location: Museum of the Rockies; Bozeman, MT

The Eye of Napoleon

Entry to the Marie Louise (second wife) gallery, flanked by magnificent bronze vases.

The Eye of Napoleon

Chairs and portrait belonging to Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine.

The Eye of Napoleon

Empress Josephine’s train worn during Napoleon’s coronation, reproduction gown. Gentleman’s court coat worn during the coronation.