History Exhibits
Making stories of the past relevant to the present.

The building was a fire station, home to horse-drawn equipment a century ago.  The small budget for the start-up museum of 6,000 sf was a challenge well met with exhibits, interpretive panels, children’s area activities, a restored watch booth and a memorial room.  Architectural relics on the walls, floors and ceilings of the building gave rise to interpreting the history of the building in a walking tour.

Location: Tampa Firefighter Museum; Tampa, FL

Tampa Firefighter Museum 1

On the Equipment Floor is a working antique fire truck, watch booth and refurbished fire equipment.

Tampa Firefighter Museum 2

The entry to the museum is flanked by two custom mannequins wearing ca. 2000 and ca. 1950s firefighting gear.

Tampa Firefighter Museum 3

Gamewell fire system - knobs, dials and functions were interpreted in the reading rail.

Tampa Firefighter Museum 4

Designed a “fire ladder” system of text panel holders for walls, freestanding and under exhibit cases.

Tampa Firefighter Museum 5

Safety Kitchen teaches children about common kitchen safety hazards. Opening the oven releases the smell of natural gas.

Tampa Firefighter Museum 6

Climb aboard a miniature fire truck; it leans forward to look like it’s speeding. Kid sized bunker gear is used in role-playing.

Tampa Firefighter Museum 7

Positioned at the windows overlooking a working fire station, these flip panels reveal the purpose of each of the pictured equipment you’re likely to see zooming out of the station.